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Buyers Information

Suspended Animation is performed exclusively in Australia by the inventor John Taylor and is not sold to illusionists or production companies from Australia. International illusionists that own a Suspended Animation illusion and are visiting Australia cannot perform Suspended Animation in Australia or Australian waters on cruise ships as John reserves the sole rights to this region. 


Your assistant (or the Magician if you wish) is encased in a clear casket, elevated on a slender pedestal high above the stage. The Illusionist covers the box with a cloth and points out their assistant's hand to the audience. Then a spectacular & unexpected exchange takes place… Using JT’s original cloth handling technique… It is possible to Instantaneously exchange places with your assistant! (or the person in the box) Then your assistant rips away the box cloth and you are now seen high in the casket as you have now exchanged places! The door of the box is then opened as you take the big applause on the staircase then run down the stairs to a huge standing ovation! 

The exchange blows people away and is so fast that the audience cannot see the visible hand move, not even for a second! 





It can be performed with just 2 people - Magician and Assistant! Yes you heard right (2 x people) With special thanks to FISM Winner Eun Gyeol Lee. Plus the illusion can even be performed surrounded! Designed for touring in mind this prop can be assembled in just a few minutes! Your assistant and yourself can easily put the whole prop together with no additional help! Self contained – no special staging requirements. Packs small in 1 case that can fit through a standard doorway for easy storage and transport. It's the perfect dream illusion for any working pro that wants to ad a guaranteed standing ovation to their act! 

SUSPENDED ANIMATION makes the perfect closing illusion to get an audience on their feet

Here’s some details in regards to what you get when you buy a Suspended Animation, plus the basic effect and info about the illusion. 


The advertisements below have appeared in MAGIC Magazine... 


Each Suspended Animation comes complete with the following: 


  • The Suspended Animation Illusion

  • Performance Rights for the Illusion & Cloth handling

  • 1x ATA Roadcase

  • Illusion Stairs

  • Exchange Cloth

  • Box Cloth 



        Road case dimensions: 1.52m x 0.88m x 1.09m 
        Dimensional weight for transport: 255Kg / 562Lb 


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