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John Taylor with his Suspended Animation

John Taylor's Suspended Animation

            Welcome to

The official site created for brand awareness and information about John Taylor's Suspended Animation illusion. This site is designed for ethical professional Illusionists interested in buying and performing Suspended Animation.

Suspended Animation is sold exclusively worldwide through master builder William Kennedy in Southern California, USA and Tim Clothier Illusion Projects in Las Vegas.

For orders or further information about Suspended Animation feel free to contact John Taylor at JT@JT.TV 

If you are interested in other original illusions and magic effects by John Taylor or other creative services such as his live shows or magic consultancy, please visit

“ We hope you enjoy the site and feel free to pass this link onto your Illusionist friends to help spread the word and information about John Taylor's original Suspended Animation illusion.”

                  LIVE PERFORMANCE

John Taylor & Cherry performing SUSPENDED ANIMATION in China.

Action show photos

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