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"Suspended Animation does it right, It learns from the past and looks to the future. It truly gives the audience the feeling that laws of physics have ceased to exit. I have dedicated much of my life to the "Metamorphosis" illusion. John Taylor's variation on Houdini's masterpiece, Suspended Animation is an illusion I would be proud to own."


“Suspended Animation is my favorite illusion of all time!”

- HANS KLOK Netherlands

"After an illusion show takes place, if there is one illusion, which those witnessing the show talk about more than any other, then that is obviously an outstanding illusion. John Taylor has accomplished this for several performers with his creative illusion, Suspended Animation."


“Suspended Animation is the best illusion since Houdini’s Metamorphosis”

“Suspended Animation breathes new life into the classic Sub Trunk. It has a great look and the audience reaction really kicks! Very practical! Good Work John.”


"I don't tell fibs and it IS one of the best illusions I have ever seen."


"I love the Suspended Animation. It is truly a breakthrough in magic (and a crowd pleaser)".


This is such a great piece of magic. Love it!!
I have watched many of the greats perform this illusion live and it's always an audience favorite. It's my wife's favorite version of the sub trunk. Keep up the creative minds stuff in magic John. Also hats off to Bill Smith on this effect also."

"I've owned and performed over 60 illusions in my career and Suspended Animation was, is and will always be one of my very favorites. It's virtually a guaranteed standing ovation!"


"John, I have just watched four times the beautiful website video of your fantastic illusion Suspended Animation. The first time I was getting ready to look for the modus operandi of the Metamorphosis switch I had heard so much about. But I was too late. The switch had already occurred, and I just could not believe it. Then on the next three attempts it was the same thing. It's just too fast to see, and I am still stumped. It gave me that good old feeling again of really being fooled. That hasn't happened in a long while, and I have had a 60 year career in magic and showbusiness, and a few successful illusions of my own in my time. All I can say is BRAVO!
You have a host of great names in magic that have purchased this illusion from you, and they owe you a big debt of gratitude in your sharing it. I feel sorry for the few who will certainly try to buy a cheap rip-off somewhere. They will be disappointed with what they get, and they will become a big disappointment themselves in the eyes of everyone in the magic world."
Sincere best wishes from Texas,


"After performing John Taylor's Suspended Animation 5 Heavy Metal Edition in my show, I received a standing ovation for this illusion alone. The audience jumped to their feet instantly and the show hadn't even finished. This illusion has quickly become my favourite illusion to perform. It's a keeper. William Kennedy's building is exceptional, with attention to every detail making this illusion a dream to perform and making the exchange fast. Thank you John Taylor for making this available to buy. Your a genius!

-MICHAEL WHITE, UK ( White Magic Show)

"Suspended Animation is one of only three illusions I have ever performed where you can actually HEAR the audience reaction mid performance! It's certainly the only one that everybody mentions! It's also the one illusion my sound engineer to this day has no idea of its method after countless shows! As you know I bought a used Suspended but now want to upgrade to the new SA-5 model after experiencing the true power of this monster effect! Thanks a lot John, your Suspended Animation illusions a killer trick and made so beautifully, it's such a buzz to perform! It's standing ovation material all the way!"


Suspended Animation Review by James More.
Hi everyone, Recently I’ve have been using John Taylor’s Suspended Animation in my theatre show which is touring Russia later this year as well as at corporate events and I’m currently using it to open my set in the worlds biggest touring magic show, Illusionists 2.0. The practicality of this illusion has enabled me to use it all over the world and it truly is a pleasure for a working illusionist.
The build time is minimal I’d say at most 10 minutes to set by one of two people and the craftsmanship is second to none. Every thing you want in an Illusion this has. John’s experience with the build is clear to see as all the parts connect easily, with some clever development ideas, there are very few separate parts. The case it comes in, is so reasonably sized, it’s hard to believe such a grand set piece fits inside. I had William Kennedy build mine and the attention to detail is evident, with all parts wrapped and protected in the case and ready to go on arrival! Its obvious to see what a great effect it is and I’m receiving killer reactions every time I use the illusion. Although I choose to open my set with it in the Illusionists 2.0, I have also closed my show with it at other events and believe me, it packs enough of a punch to do so. Congratulations John Taylor, on creating a truly special illusion and thank you William Kennedy, for such a high quality piece of kit. I highly recommend Suspended Animation to any Illusionist!


In regards to the new Suspended Animation
"John Taylor's improvements take this effect to the next level of excellence! It is the attention to the slightest details which make for great magic on every level!"

-Rand Woodbury, USA

I love the new look of Suspended Animation but anyone can see through

-Wayne Dobson, UK


John Taylor has created a true timeless piece of magic art. Suspended Animation has received an astonishing audience reaction from the very first time I’ve performed it live. I feel honored to be able to perform this terrific magic effect, I LOVE IT. Thanks John for sharing this with us!!!!

-Amadeo Edama, Spain


When you buy a Suspended Animation it is important to note that the illusion cannot be duplicated for your own personal use. When you purchase Suspended Animation you buy one Illusion and one Performance Rights only!


Owners, it is important to protect your investment. Please be careful who you share the secret of this illusion with. Please also help by protecting the way that the illusion has been built, as we all need to protect our design from the rip offs. So be careful not to let anyone get too close to the illusion that you do not know or trust. Always make sure the illusion is covered up when not in use.


If you sell your Suspended Animation Illusion down the road it is vitally important that you contact John Taylor or Willie Kennedy before you sell the prop to the new owner as the new owner will NEED to read and sign the Suspended Animation performance agreement before the transaction between parties takes place. Thank you


!If you believe you might have bought a knock off pirate copy of Suspended Animation by mistake, please do not hesitate in contacting John Taylor to discuss what can be done to rectify the matter.

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