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SA-5 Is the newest version of John Taylor's Suspended Animation Illusion. Imagine being able to magically produce your assistant from Suspended Animation first and then going into the same exciting looking exchange with ONLY you and your assiastant required. (Making it a 2 person effect) It also has a great new see-through pedestal and many other features adding ground breaking improvements to the already excellently designed illusion. BTW  you can also perform SA the usual way as the new Suspended Animation gives you the freedom to do both.For illusionists interested in 2nd hand illusions I also have access to some Suspended Animation owners who would like to sell their current Suspended Animations and upgrade to the new SA system. So if you would like to buy a used Suspended Animation please feel free to contact me.I would like to also proudly release an amazing new illusion of mine called ULTIMATE DIMENSION. This illusion is a brilliant way to magically appear onstage for the modern day Illusionist looking to make a wonderful and totally baffling entrance to the stage. Serious parties may contact me for more information at. info@suspendedanimationillusion.com The exclusive builders of my new ULTIMATE DIMENSION Illusion are Tim Clothier & Craig Dickens, NO other illusion builder in the world has the rights to sell my Dimension illusion so beware of buying a copy of my invention. Do not just buy something just because it's called Dimension or Suspended Animation, do your homework on who the real builders are of these effects and be aware of who really has the rights to build these props.

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