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History of Suspended Animation

From John Taylor...

Suspended Animation was designed and documented in 1998 and first created and built early 2000 for my touring show in Japan. It was then, shortly after, released and sold to the magic community through Bill Smith - Magic Ventures and first appeared in MAGIC Magazine in the year 2000. As of April 1st 2015 Bill Smith will no longer have the rights to build Suspended Animation.

This spectacular illusion never seems to disappoint an audience as it’s an unexpected exchange using principles in magic that have never been seen before like my totally original cloth handling technique © , which is a very important ingredient to the illusion. This along with a combination of innovative ideas helps to contribute to the effect and thus creating the most visually exciting and practical variation of the Metamorphosis illusion ever created!

The first Suspended Animation was built by Chris Murphy - Oz Illusions in Australia. With myself and Chris working tirelessly in the workshop every day for 3 months to design and create my dream illusion and make it a magical reality.

My main goal with Suspended Animation was to create “the ultimate illusion”. Not only a fun illusion to perform resulting in a killer reaction, but also setting new standards in illusion building construction and assembly - a prop that can be put together with ease and no messy bolts in just a few minutes.

Since the first Suspended Animation was built I have owned 3 other Suspended Animations built by Bill Smith - Magic Ventures so I'm currently performing with my 4th generation Suspended Animation.
With each new model we change the design and dimensions and perfect the illusion and cloths to make it the very best it can be.

SA-5 is my latest effort and is now available to elite illusionists. Suspended Animation 5 has a great new look and gives the performer the option of producing your assistant from the Suspended Animation Illusion at the start of the routine and then go into the same great looking exchange routine (with only you and your assistant required) SA-5 also has a see-through pedestal making it even more baffling. And gives the illusionist more options then ever before.

Due to popular demand I would like to introduce a new Suspended Animation builder to the team -Willie Kennedy. Willie Kennedy the only official builders in the world of the Suspended Animation illusion. Willie's an outstanding builder known for his brilliant metal work and outstanding illusion designs. I'm honoured to have Willie building Suspended Animation as his work on the new SA -5 model is simply outstanding! Willie has put his own creative stamp on the new Suspended Animation-5 prop design so there has never been a better time to buy Suspended Animation then now!